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KADDISH - An English Translation of the Ancient Jewish Mourner's Prayer

Extolled and hallowed be the name of God throughout the world which He has created, and which He governs according to His righteous will.  Just is He in all His ways, and wise are all His decrees. May His kingdom come, and His will be done in all the earth.

Blessed be the Lord of life, the righteous Judge for evermore.

To the departed whom we now remember, may peace and bliss be granted in the world of eternal life.  There may they find grace and mercy before the Lord of heaven and earth.  May their souls rejoice in that ineffable good which God has laid up for those that fear Him, and may their memory be a blessing unto those that cherish it.

May the Father of peace send peace to all troubled souls, and comfort all the bereaved among us. AMEN.

(ED. NOTE)  Some people consider this a prayer only for humans, but there are other who freely recite this prayer when mourning the death of a companion animal.  There is nothing humanly exclusive in this prayer, and since humans and other animals were all created as living souls (Hebrew: neh-fesh khah-yaw), this prayer seems very appropriate when mourning any loved one, whether human or non-human.  Christians should recognize that Jesus incorporated portions of the first paragraph into The Lord's Prayer. (FLH)


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