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Mourning the Death of a Loved One
Is the Same for Both Humans and Other Animals

A Prayer by Rabbi Amy R. Scheinerman

Our God and God of our ancestors, Creator of the universe which You filled with the wonders of life, You have brought forth diverse living creatures and endowed us with the ability to love them, care for them, and be comforted by them.

I thank you for the life of my pet, a constant and loyal companion who shared my home and my love.

At the same time I grieve the loss of my beloved pet, I give You thanks for the miracle of life and the wonder of the love and companionship we shared.

Rabbi Amy R. Scheinerman
Beth Shalom Congregation
Taylorsville, Maryland
[email protected]

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Photo of hugging cats, Iris and Isabel, submitted by Joe Miele [email protected]

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