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Agenda for a New America
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The Politics of Vegetarianism

By: Vasu Murti
Chapter 20 - Conclusion and Bibliography

In the long run, we are all going to be vegetarians.  Doubtless through further exploitation of the environment, we can prolong the period in our history in which we think it is necessary to kill animals for food.  But the ecological limitations of this procedure will soon make manifest to all that a vegetarian economy is both necessary and desirable.

Only a small minority of the world's citizens will ever be able to consume meat at current American levels:  the resources to support a more intensive livestock agriculture simply don't exist.  We will probably not feel the real effects of our present actions in the realm of agriculture for another twenty or thirty years.  In the interim, things will merely become slightly less pleasant, year after year.  To continue to maintain a meat economy can only make matters increasingly difficult for everyone, and can only adversely affect the goals of health for everyone and world peace.


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