Four Proposals to Replace Animal-Based Research
Alternatives to Animal Testing, Experimentation and Dissection - An Animal Rights Article from


Beagle Freedom Project
February 2017

beaglee freedom prize

Beagle Freedom Project spent six months advertising and accepting research applications from across the world. [See Funding the Future for Modern Research Methods, September 2016.]

Working with scientific peers in each relevant field to evaluate and guide the judging process, the charity chose four exceptional and diverse proposals that have the potential to replace animal-based research with more effective and humane alternatives.

PPlease help us congratulate:

beagle freedom prize

Each week we will individually highligh their work, its importance and its promise.

The change we seek in ending animal testing will come fro not just decrying the abuses and saving the survivors, but also celebrating and supporting those pioneering new models and methodologies!

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