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Submitted by: Yuri Klitsenko

Kamchatka was created by Big Raven called Kutkh.

Today I was so afraid of the violent ocean waves that couldn't stand on my feet on the sailing vessel, but it reminded me of the drama of the legend of Kutkh.

To create the beautiful land of Kamchatka, the Big Raven, Kutkh, was fighting bravely against the Ocean...

On this day long ago,
Over the rough,
stormy sea
To the shore as rocky
As ever can be
Kutkh descended.
He gazed at the foam
As he stood on the cliff,
He cried and he sang
All consumed by his grief.
He stood and he stared
At the rage of the sea
At the furious waves…

The surf was still lashing,
The wind was still stiff,
But Kutkh battled through
To the foot of the cliff.
The wind kept on raging
And howling still more,
Blowing young Kutkh
And his prize to the shore.
His wing it was broken,
The water was chilling,
His eyes were a-stinging,
And hot tears were brimming;
They lay side by side
No breath and no groans,
Enveloped in dream
Amongst piles of stones.

Then Miti was rescued
Though Kutkh was defeated.
They lay on the strand
And the danger retreated.

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