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Commentary by Frank L. Hoffman Articles Submitted by Yuri Klitsenko, Russia

In early July 2005 Yuri began sending us some articles about a lake in central Russia that had disappeared over night sometime between the evening of 18 May to the early morning of 19 May 2005. This event is related to two of the other articles we have in this article series.  See:

The Legend of the City of Kitezh Submerging Itself in Svetloyar Lake
The Monks and Mermaids

Now a fascinating new series of rumors and speculations are emerging about this disappearing lake event, which is exactly the "food" that fables and legends feed upon until they become part of the local culture.  See:

Americans earn their place in Russian folklore
U.S. Steals Russian
Lake Vanishes
Villagers Baffled After Their Lake Disappears
Yankee mermaids have stolen the lake
Russian Lake Disappears
The Disappeared Lake
The 'Disappeared Lake' of Russia Found 100 Meters Underground

Yuri Klitsenko is a Russian living in Moscow.  He works for the Russian Orthodox Church.

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