Jesus Christ was Yakut
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Submitted by: Yuri Klitsenko

A hero of Russian folk art (lubok prints) Kazan cat Alabrys symbolizes complicated relationship between cats and mice, between Russians and Tatars. Russians are mice, Tatars are cats - "the Cat of Kazan, the Mind of Astrakhan, the Wisdom of Siberia". Lubok picture "How the Mice Buried the Cat" depict mice celebrating funeral of Kazan cat, Russian mouse and Tatar mouse (Kasimov Tatars allies of Moscow?) playing musical instruments, but сat Alabrys is alive and watches mice games.

As historic enemies of Evenkis, Yakuts demonize Evenkis and Evenki religion. For some reasons Yakuts believe that Jesus Christ was Yakut. For example, Yakut shaman is depicted as child found in stable among cows - that is why Yakuts appreciate the Ox and the Ass:

"And on the third day after the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, the most blessed Mary went forth out of the cave, and entering a stable, placed the child in the stall, and the ox and the ass adored Him. Then was fulfilled that which was said by Isaiah the prophet, saying: The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master’s crib. The very animals, therefore, the ox and the ass, having Him in their midst, incessantly adored Him. Then was fulfilled that which was said by Abacuc the prophet, saying: Between two animals thou art made manifest".

Following are rare old photo of entrance to "darpe" (shaman tent eastern gallery), plan of typical shaman tent, photo of a shaman.




Old Evenki woman describes how in her childhood she was amazed to see for the first time animals of Yakut invaders - cows and horses. According to Evenki shamans cows and horses are spirits from low world, while reindeer is heavenly. Evenki female shaman explains that "cow shamans" die very often because hoofs of a cow are not good for crossing bog or mire, so spirits-cows always fell down to underworld and take cow shaman to underworld. Evenki reindeer hoofs are good, so reindeer-shamans are safe. According to that kind of logic baby Jesus Christ needed Evenki reindeer instead of the Ox and the Ass.

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