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Submitted by: Yuri Klitsenko

The Lord God arranged a great flood. While all humans perished in the waters, Adam and Eve were floating on the raft. Adam and Eve had a white swan, which many times dived into waters bringing little by little soil on the raft. This is how earth appeared - from some soil on the raft.

Komi shaman called Gan’ Ivan had wonderworking boat which could go under water and attack unsuspecting Russian ships. (However, the Komi shaman's submarine couldn’t harm the raft of stone which St. Stephen of Perm used for traveling from the place where the cosmic river meets the skies down to Komi lands).

Komi shaman Koktom Nazar used to sleep at the bottom of the river in hot summertime nights to escape from mosquitoes.

Komi shaman Dane Eprom (Ephrem Danilovich) was attacked by a gang of criminals. As soon as Dane Eprom had thrown his knife into the river, the gangsters choked down water into their lungs, suffocated and got drowned in invisible waters, although they all were standing on dry land.

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