Mammoth versus Reptile
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Submitted by Yuri Klitsenko, Russia


Russian archaeologist Vitalii Larichev consider Evenki legend about
Mammoth Seli and Snake Dyabdar to be "the golden key" for interpretation of Neolithic sculpture depicting the battle between cosmic Mammoth and cosmic Turtle found at Malaya, and Syria.

Vitalii Larichev has got a poor reputation, however. Scholars consider his conclusions disputable and erroneous. His only method of identification of "the pictures of mammoths" is a visual method. If
Vitalii Larichev is right about Mammoth versus Turtle, then Evenki legends about Mammoth fighting against Reptile are very archaic.

Mammoth is doing Christian work by striking the head of the Snake,
while Buddhist Protector of Faith clothed in an elephant hide tramples
upon on an elephant :)

[Ed. Note] There is nothing Christian about killing.  All killing is a part of our fallen world, and not the kingdom of God to which all Christians are supposed to belong.

Yuri Klitsenko is a Russian living in Moscow.  He works for the Russian Orthodox Church.

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