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Submitted by: Yuri Klitsenko

They say that god works in mysterious ways, and the word “angel” actually means messenger, so when an unusual winged messenger visited the ancient church at Cley-next-the-sea in Norfolk England, it created pandemonium

The angel in the form of a rare American white crowned sparrow was blown to Britain in recent gales, and twitchers and bird spotters in their droves, from far and wide have boosted the church roof repair fund by over !000 pounds, the twitchers have a code that says if they disrupt a village by their numbers at rare sightings, they always contribute something to the village, and are usually welcomed for their generosity.

Villagers are thrilled that the money donated will help save the 13th century church of St. Margaret of Antioch.

A mysterious angel indeed!

T Stokes

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