Ordenskirche in Arnau
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Submitted by: Yuri Klitsenko

We have turned Ordenskirche in Arnau (14-th century) into Russian Orthodox parish church.


The people rooted out the nest of German imperialism! It was - East Prussia, a nest of militarism, cradle of the ideology of hatred. It became - the Kaliningrad region, an outpost of peace on the Baltic Sea.


The Arnau church of St. Elisabeth of Hungary was built as "ordenskirche" in 14 century. The Teutonic Order's principal Patron was Virgin Mary. Teutonic Order knights also adopted Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, giving her the status of their second patron.


After collapse of Teutonic Order church in Arnau became German Lutheran parish. After WW2 the Soviets used the church for grain storage. Ordenskirche in Arnau contained more than 200 frescoes(14 century paintings which give idea of Teutonic Order art), almost all of these frescoes were destroyed by communist barbarians.

The dedication

Recently Germans protested against turning the Arnau church into Russian Orthodox parish. I can remind to Germans that Teutonic Order's main idea was so called "Holy War" - "the right to slay even peaceful infidels simply because they are pagans."

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