Save a Life, not Take One
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Jhc Tabucur Lyrette
March 2013  

Our planet is shrouded in bad karma, due to human activity, we kill man en-mass, we kill the animals, soil, water and air, which has an overall negative effect on the earth and on our own spiritual evolution. When we free ourselves of karma, we free our planet from karma. Yin and yang, in perfect harmony. This is the natural way of things, the way of nature, that which we call the Tao(Dao), the Way.

Non-Vegan's kill well over a Hundred Billion animals (chickens, cows, pigs, sheep and goats, fish, etc...) annually. Breaking the law ("Thou Shall Not Kill"). These activities prevent man from achieving "Global Enlightenment" (Sham­b­hala-Bud­dh­ist/Kal­ki of Sambhala-H­­indu). Or in other words, Heaven On Earth.

If all humans knew that killing, and consuming flesh, would deny them entrance to heaven, who among you, would eat flesh? Nirvana can be obtained in a lifetime or a few, depending on your karma (your past), and how you live in your present life. Or in multiple lifetimes (hundreds), the choice is yours. Negative Karma is a black cloud, in excess, it hides the light of enlightenment. Zero karma, is positive karma.

Save a life, not take one.

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