Can Animal Rights and Vegetarianism (Veganism) Succeed Without Church Support? - Readers' Comments - Comments by Linda Cobban - 1 Sep 2002
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Readers' Comments - Comments by Linda Cobban - 1 Sep 2002
January 2003

The pastor at the church I formerly attended once was laughing during a conversation about pigs screaming in pain before they were presumably killed.  The conversation was about one of the parishioner's sons not wanting to be within ear-shot of the pig killings.  Months later, I sent the pastor a lengthy letter enclosing videos, books, articles, pleading with him to see the plight of the animals (particularly for food).  That was in April of 2002.  It is now September 1st, and I have not received any response. 

Another Christian I met while in the hospital, who was a pastor's wife, was periodically in great pain from a viral disease.  When I brought up the pain and suffering of animals, she looked at me and I could see she was completely hardened to the subject.  It meant nothing.  I didn't pursue the matter with her, because it was apparent that, in her view, animals were about as significant as garbage...  God has no concern about animals and how they are treated.

My mother is a Catholic.  I have sent her letters and books and videos on veganism/vegetarianism, how bad it is for our health and the earth, and how animals are abused and exploited to the outer limits.  When it comes to animals (except dogs and cats), she believes "that's what God put animals on the earth for."  My question is, What kind of a god are they worshiping?  A sadist?  What does that say for human beings when sentient creatures are treated so horribly by the "superior" species?  It is socially acceptable to hurt and destroy beings weaker than us?  A neighbor of mine also has the same opinion.  She attends the church I formerly was a member of.

I am sorry this e-mail is so lengthy.  I could go on and on about my dealings with people in attempting to get them to see animals as more than objects to use for food, clothing, experiments and ungodly "entertainment".  It gets very discouraging, but I will not give up. 

I have learned all I can do is make people aware of the problem, give them a pamphlet, and let God do the rest.  The more I open my mouth, the more it seems to harden people all the more, and make people more defensive.  We cannot force people to be compassionate. 


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