On Vegetarian Diets and Christianity
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Submitted by the anonymous author
October 20, 2001

Here we are, thousands of years since Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden to suffer and die for eating forbidden fruit, and Christians are still choosing foods from the tree of knowledge that cause suffering and death. God has provided the means by which we can partake of his promise of abundant health and life, and yet there are precious few who believe in the value of a vegetarian diet. Perhaps vegetarians are the meek who will inherit the earth when all the others have passed away in the great plague of illness that is sweeping over our society.

Cancer is now the leading cause of death among children. The diseases causing the greatest premature death (cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes) are considerably lower among vegetarians. Some estimate that 95% of the health problems in this country are preventable through a vegetarian diet. Those who donít listen are putting themselves in the same situation as Noahís contemporaries before the flood. Godís handwriting is on the wall. You can read it and weep, or read it and survive.

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