14-year-old Works to Bring Vegan Meals to Los Angeles School Cafeterias
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July 2016

lila copeland

14-year-old Lila Copeland is going to change the world.

At age 10, she founded the Earth Peace Foundation with the intention of getting vegan education out to schools and clubs in California.

A month ago, after about 6 months of concentrated work, Lila kicked off her Healthy Freedom campaign to get vegan meals into all Los Angeles schools, 5 days a week -- the very first time in Los Angeles history.

This initiative will impact more than 600,000 students every year!

In addition, Lila's proposal could be huge to Los Angeles water conservation efforts. In 2012, the Pacific Institute released a report which states that the average Californian uses 1,500 gallons of water per person per day and close to half is associated with meat and dairy products.

Once she gets this in place in Los Angeles she will be moving on to the state level and the California Department of Education.

Lila's kick off was a big success. She brought down Pamela Anderson, Torre Washington, Dr, Michael Klapper, Dr. Heather Shenkman and others, to speak to the school board (who were supplied with Cowspiracy DVDs) about the campaign and to request a resolution. Lila has only one more person to recruit before she can win a vote for her plan.

If Lila is any indication of the coming generation's values - then there is hope for our future.

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