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Friends of Animals
August 2008

If you’re curious about what vegan means…

If you’re seeking the resources to get you started on the vegan track…

If you’re concerned about our relationship with the other animals of the world…

If you want to know the best commitment an individual can make to address climate disruption and food inequality throughout the world…

You’ve come to the right place.

The information and ideas you’re about to explore are presented, and will continue to be developed, by vegans from several countries and based on the most relevant, straightforward, and sound resources available. We include gardeners, lawyers, scientists and chefs, several of whom have been vegan more than 25 years. This site will be informed by the experiences they’ve had, related to their ethical commitment to live, as far as possible, in harmony with the planet and all its inhabitants.

And by your experiences.

Soon we’ll offer a new section called Ask-A-Vegan where your questions will be received and the most interesting ones will be answered on-site.

We’ll also be welcoming your suggestions for recipes (and some will be tested by our panel of chefs for possible inclusion in Friends of Animals’ second vegan cookbook).

Vegan living means hearty, enjoyable meals, and so much more. The term “vegan” was coined in the 1940s by Vegan Society founding member Donald Watson, who derived it from the first three and last two letters of vegetarian “because veganism starts with vegetarianism and carries it through to its logical conclusion.”

Worldwide, vegans enjoy the benefit of a sixty-year tradition, with all the nutritional knowledge that brings; and of course, much of it depends on learning from cultures with centuries of tradition before us.

The vegan commitment broadens our moral community beyond humanity and acts upon our knowledge that other conscious beings have an interest in living their lives in their ways.

We are serious supporters of sanctuaries; but just think: Each vegan spares more lives each year than most any sanctuary, anywhere in the world.

Clearly, veganism is direct action. It is also reverence for life.

We hope you’ll find exploring the Whys and Hows of being vegan as compelling, as invigorating, and as delicious as we do.

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