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T. Stokes [email protected]
July 2006

This is always a source of controversy, but the British medical Journal claims that the two biggest killers in Britain, cardio-vascular disease and cancer, have links to saturated fat consumption, that is eating meat and dairy products.

Logically if you put a piece of meat onto a warm place for at east 48 hours it will go rotten, which is why the warmth of the gut, turns the meat into something that gives so many rectal, intestinal and other cancers.

No one claiming to walk a spiritual path can be part of the killing industry of meat eating or Necropophagy, the consumption of dead flesh.

Epictetus claimed eating gods creatures was the original sin of the bible.

When I was a small boy the British Milk marketing board, spent huge sums on a successful advertisement campaign, “drink a pint of milk a day “

Now most dieticians say not to touch it, some old fashioned doctors and medical people, say we need the calcium from cows milk, but remember doctors are not dieticians or nutritionists, cows milk contains a substance called “Casein” which is used in industrial paints, plasters and bonding products, it is also used in wood glues, as it has incredibly sticky qualities, it is this that the doctors magazine, the Lancet says cause it to gum up the heart and arteries.

Cows milk is good for baby cows, not human beings, many experts say get your calcium from a more digestible source, as there are increasing numbers of people with lactose intolerance from cows milk, we have to remember that modern cows are not fed with the same feedstuffs as pre-war.

The condition of “mad-cow disease “ is now well known but other conditions such as the “Stilbesterol” and “Portland cement” scandals were suppressed, due to pressure from The powerful meat marketing board, but can be looked up on the E.E.C papers with the internet.

No one can walk the spiritual path while being allied to a killing industry, and the Christian religious group the Seventh Day Adventist’s, are the only group with the courage to take on board the changes, as new Christian documents such as the dead Sea scrolls became available with their lost knowledge’s.

It is pretty well accepted now that Christ was an Essene, who were vegetarian,

And believed in Astrology and vegetarianism, this is confirmed by several early papyri, but the main point is that in studies of general health from this vegetarian sect,

Have meant they are far more healthy than their meat eating counterparts.

Some years ago, I checked with the chief dietician at the London hospital, who was herself vegetarian- and her advice still stands the test of time,

Vegetarianism is healthier, but we all need various vitamin and mineral supplements.

The British Medical Association, ( B.M.A.) claim that if you eat a balanced diet, you will not need extra vitamins, but if you ask them what a balanced diet is- they do not know.

This is because what a pregnant mother needs is different from a working man, and children are different again.

But they do admit that we need 5 portions of fruit and veg each day, no mention of meat here, incidentally Japanese vegatarian specialists eat 17 types of fruit and veg a day.

Over many years in association with the Gaywood natural Health clinic,

I have worked from hand-prints to assess dietary deficiencies, we have in tests improved athletes performances, sharpened spiritual discernment, eroded anti-social behaviour in schools, improved general health conditions, and can from criminal studies often predict from a hand-print, not only the crimes a person will commit, but when.

“In whose hand is the soul of every living thing and the breath of all mankind” ~book of Job 12-10

T Stokes copyright 2006  

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