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April 2009

Our Mission is to acquaint the general public with the joys of a plant based diet. We do this by helping fund the distribution of vegan food at local events. This is accomplished through a network of activist "partners" who prepare and serve the food in their region of the country.

What We Do

We provide funding for the food, serving supplies, educational literature and any table/booth fees for serving vegan food (preferably at non-veg events or to an audience that is not familiar with vegan food or philosophy).

We also provide ideas on venues, recipes, and educational literature.

What YOU Do

Find local events being held in your area (such as art fairs, concerts, fund raisers for non-profits, parades, demonstrations, shelter adoption events, films, health fairs, farmers markets, church or synagogue events, festivals, meatouts, environmental tabling, campus events, etc) and research the possibility of serving free vegan food for the event. Fill out the simple form on this website and submit to VegFund. Prepare a menu, keeping in mind: the number of people, supplies needed, etc. (we DON'T cover the cost of soft drinks or bottled water).

Find a few volunteers to help you.

Research if the event requires that food comes from a licensed kitchen, find a licensed kitchen to use or purchase prepared food from a grocery or caterer (healthy plant-based foods please ).

Provide free educational literature at your table/booth. Take photos to share with others on the VegFund website. Afterward, email us with a brief review of your event, listing number of attendees, what you served, how it was received.

Extra points for photos of people hovering around your vegan food table!


Keep your eye out for other appropriate events in your area. If this is your first time doing an event like this, keep the menu simple. A couple of delicious items to sample will bring people to your table and will not overwhelm you in the preparation and distribution.

NOTE: It's not necessary to promote or thank VegFund at your table! The public doesn't need to know about us. It is enough that you serve delicious vegan food and distribute lots of great literature. All we ask in return is that you pass our contact information along to other vegan activists and link us to your website or social networking site, if you have one. Together we can change the world!

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