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Ed Coffin, Philadelphia Vegan Examiner
December 2009

There are many myths about veganism. Just to set the record straight, here are 25 things that vegans can do!

Yes vegans can...

...get enough protein. successful professionals.
...step on bugs accidentally. body builders.
...avoid eating soy.
...shave their armpits.
...kill less plants by eating plants than animals. at a non-vegan restaurant. an athletic competition.
...get enough calcium without milk.
...accidentally eat something that's not vegan.
...own a leather jacket from their pre-vegan days. cooked food.
...resist "cheating." healthy and live long. straight men.
...drink alcohol.
...have "pets." about humans just as much as animals. straight women. junk food. Christians, or any other religion. sugar.
...dislike PETA.
...stay vegan!

So there you have it! See how normal being vegan can be?

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