L.A. City Council Approves Motion to Ban Rodeo Torture Devices
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FROM LCA Last Chance for Animals
February 2021

Similar to the ban on bullhooks used on elephants which resulted in circuses no longer scheduling shows, banning these torture devices will result in rodeos not scheduling events in Los Angeles. Without these torture devices, the Animals cannot be forced to 'perform' in certain ways.

rodeo cruelty

Los Angeles City CouncilMembers approved a Motion, File 20-1575,to ban the use of inhumane implements in rodeos and rodeo events. The Motion requests the City Attorney draft and present an Ordinance. LCA will keep you updated on the next movements of this Motion. L.A. residents can help by reaching out to their Council Member and letting them know you support the Rodeo Inhumane Implements Ban. Join the fight - information below. (While this is Motion is not an outright ban of Rodeos, it is a big step in the right direction. Rodeos will find it very difficult to hold an event without the tools they use to control the animals.)

Call / email / write your local Council Member to express support for a Municipal rodeo inhumane implements ban in the City of Los Angeles.

Sample Correspondence

Dear CouncilMember:

I am (writing / calling / emailing) to express my support of the rodeo inhumane implements ban in the City of Los Angeles. Rodeos are disturbing spectacles of animal cruelty that inflict tremendous suffering on animals forced to perform in this "sport".

Animals used in rodeo performances undergo extreme abuse to make them perform. This includes shocking their bodies with electric prods, jabbing their bodies with sticks, and forcing animals to wear "flank straps", which are straps secured so tightly around their abdomens it causes pain and forces them to buck.

The City of Los Angeles has always taken a forward approach to protecting animals. I urge you to take a stance against animal cruelty by voting in favor of enacting a rodeo inhumane implements ban in the City of Los Angeles.


(Your Name) 

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