Extend Sympathy and Compassion to All Animals, Not Just Dogs and Cats
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org

FROM HorseracingWrongs.org
December 2020

Extending sympathy and compassion to some animals while endorsing the brutalization of others?

The following was tweeted by a Peter Berry Wednesday: I know what we are taught but I refuse to believe animals have no soul.

Of course, this message, this sentiment, is one I wholeheartedly appreciate. Having had animals in my life, I know that that bond that love can be as great as any one can experience with fellow humans (for me, with few exceptions, even greater).

What offends me, however, is the messenger, for you see Mr. Berry is the track announcer at Mountaineer Park in West Virginia.

Peter Berry

Now, I acknowledge that I do not know Mr. Berry. He may very well be an otherwise decent human being caring, thoughtful, kind. And he was writing about the loss of his family cat, for which I am truly sorry. But perhaps, Mr. Berry, you could extend some of that feeling and understanding to the multiple thousands of (possibly soul-infused) animals your industry wantonly kills every year.

Sorry, but anything less than that a change of heart, that is makes your tweet simply obscene.

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