Ontario’s (Canada) Dead Racehorses in 2018
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October 2019

Listing of dead racehorses on Ontario, Canada's racetracks in 2018.

Through a FOIA request to the province of Ontario, I have been able to confirm the following kills at Ontario racetracks in 2018.

Please note: This is our first reporting outside the U.S. We fully expect to continue this expansion.

Kills at Ontario racetracks in 2018:

Go Find Out, Feb 3, Flamboro R
“broke down 3/4 pole, trailered off – [multiple] comminuted fractures; chronic degenerative anthroparhy [sic] fetlock”

Townline Striker, Feb 25, Flamboro R
“dropped dead in first turn”

English Rain, Feb 28, Woodbine T
“broke down working – fracture MC3”

Sports Journalist, Apr 2, Western Fair
“acting up, gave banamine – died 2 minutes later”

Guscrest, Apr 21, Mohawk R
“cut tendons in race”

Lest We Forget, Apr 28, Woodbine T
“broke down training – acute, complete, oblique humerus fracture”

Extremist, May 3, Woodbine T
“dropped dead in shedrow after exercise”

Golden Jiggs, May 7, Woodbine
“severe diarrhea”

Charmbo Dev, May 9, Western Fair R
“broke down in race – acute fracture P1”

Northern Stormont, May 11, Mohawk R
“broke down – comminuted fracture P1”

New Standard, May 18, Flamboro
“repaired fracture, broke down in stall”

Bayani Warrior, May 27, Woodbine T
“comminuted, open fracture radius”

Mr. World Wide, May 28, Woodbine T
“large swelling (presumed to be hematoma) over stifle”

Napayshni, May 30, Woodbine
“dropped dead in stall” (four years old, last raced two weeks prior)

Primordia, Jun 2, Woodbine R
“fracture P1”

Viciousgrasshopper, Jun 5, Fort Erie R
“fracture MC3”

Total Prospect, Jun 6, Woodbine T
“comminuted fracture P1”

Jade Dragon, Jun 10, Woodbine
“dead in stall in am – intestinal torsion, splenic obstruction, fractured skull”

A J C’s Passion, Jun 12, Woodbine
“fever yesterday, found dead in stall – septicemia” (two years old)

Precious Hilda, Jun 19, Clinton R
“highly comminuted fracture P1”

Boog Style Justice, Jun 20, Grand River
“died on trailer – gastric rupture”

Calling Card, Jun 24, Woodbine T
“fracture P1”

Down Home Something, Jul 14, Ajax T
“[fracture fetlock] – horse sent to deadstock”

Signature Spark, Jul 15, Woodbine R
“slab fracture”

Ginger Snapp, Jul 18, Ajax T
“comminuted, compound fractures MC2, 3, 4”

Sams Destiny, Jul 18, Woodbine R
“collapsed and died returning to unsaddle – severe, acute pulmonary hemorrhage; chronic gastric ulcers” (three years old)

Speed River, Jul 20, Woodbine T
“fracture pelvis”

Dinero Sucio, Jul 22, Fort Erie
“on stall rest – fractured tibia overnight”

Captain Capri, Jul 23, Grand River R
“acute, comminuted, open fracture MT3”

Xica, Jul 24, Woodbine T
“dropped dead galloping – pulmonary hemorrhage”

Show Girl, Jul 25, Woodbine T
“dropped dead working” (three years old)

What a Sassy Girl, Jul 29, Clinton R
“broke down in accident – comminuted fracture P1”

Working Girl Blues, Aug 4, Mohawk R
“collided with maintenance vehicle – septic joint with unsuccessful treatment”

Swans Showpiece, Aug 5, Georgian
“found dead in pasture”

Maria’s Princess, Aug 16, Woodbine T (euthanized Aug 17)
“broken tibia”

Dangerous Star, Aug 18, Woodbine R
“acute, comminuted fracture P1”

Seeyouinthecomics, Aug 26, Woodbine R
“fractures medial and proximal sesamoids”

Classic News, Sep 2, Grand River
“developed neurological signs – encephalatis”

Chase This Yawl, Sep 2, Ajax R (euthanized Sep 6)
“bilateral carpal fractures”

Perletta, Sep 8, Woodbine
“neuro signs, euthanized – equine protozoal encephalomyelitis”

Tesseron, Sep 9, Woodbine R
“[multiple] fractures ankle”

Calculatin’ Cat, Sep 15, Woodbine
“infected hock” (last raced Aug 17)

Talking Book, Sep 24, Kawartha R
“injured in race”

Baby Blame, Sep 26, Woodbine T
“broke down working – sesamoid”

Stroke of Luck, Oct 6, Woodbine T
“broke down working – P1”

Icrywheni’mdrunk, Oct 16, Woodbine R
“reaction to pre-race medication – multi-organ congestion”

The Bear Factor, Oct 21, Woodbine T
“broke down working – [multiple] fractures”

Brown Dirt Cowboy, Oct 23, Western Fair T
“fracture shoulder”

Lowi Vene, Oct 31, Woodbine R
“[multiple] fractures”

Vintage Vixen, Nov 8, Mohawk
“neuro signs, euthanized – spinal ataxia, gastric ulceration”

Three Ring Circus, Nov 11, Woodbine R
“broke down at wire – dislocated ankle”

Marquette, Nov 17, Woodbine R (died Nov 19)
“cerebrovascular infarction”

Revolver Sessions, Nov 20, Fort Erie T
“slab fracture knee – chronic” (five years old)

On Golden Ponder, Nov 26, Western Fair T
“accident, injured carpus”

Southern Greatness, Nov 30, Woodbine R
“broke down – [multiple] fractures”

Love On a Fence, Dec 7, Woodbine R
“fracture MC3”

O See My Artist, Dec 8, Western Fair R
“comminuted fracture P1”

Triple Chocolate, Dec 8, Woodbine R
“severe comminuted fracture P1”

Fishin for a Corona, Dec 11, Ajax T
“hit head on fence – died”

Sunday Poker, Dec 11, Rideau
“colic, gastric rupture – euthanized”

Casimir Priest, Dec 29, Western Fair
“sudden death overnight”

The tracks:

Ajax Downs Quarterhorse
Fort Erie Racetrack Thoroughbred
Woodbine Racetrack Thoroughbred
Clinton Raceway Standardbred
Flamboro Downs Standardbred
Georgian Downs Standardbred
Grand River Raceway Standardbred
Kawartha Downs Standardbred
Mohawk Park Standardbred
Rideau Raceway Standardbred
The Raceway at Western Fair Standardbred

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