SHARK's summary of our 2019 Victories
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FROM SHARK Showing Animals Respect and Kindness
December 2019

Review of some of SHARK's work to save animals in 2019.

Steve Hindi
SHARK President Steve Hindi, SHARK investigator Janet Enoch, and Angel, one of their rescued cats...

2019 is a momentous year for SHARK, for it celebrates our 25th anniversary! That's a quarter-of-a-century of unmatched victories for animals. No one has done what SHARK has - and that is why it is so important that SHARK being the field working for our animals friends.

Read details of these campaigns at 2019 YEAR END MAILER:

  • Cruch Cockfighting
  • Fighting against rodeo cruelty
  • SHARK's drone films of starving animals led to their being rescued
  • Cruel barnyard scramble exposed
  • NRA confronted at their 2019 conference
  • Maryland bans Cownose Ray killing contests
  • Beagle breeding prison exposed
  • More pigeon "shoots" filmed and exposed
  • and more...

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