Horseracing is vile. Simply. Vile.
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August 2020

Images of the shattered or broken bones of destroyed racehorses.

Through a FOIA request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have obtained the following details on 2020 kills. (The Board redacted the names but, paradoxically, these horses have already been identified on the Board’s public database.)

Tikkun Olam, Jan 19, Santa Anita T – “head-on collision: traumatic spine fracture with complete transection of cord; ruptured vein”

Is It Over, Jan 21, Los Alamitos S – “colic of 24 hours duration”

Cowboy Coffee, Jan 23, San Luis Rey S – “colic – unrelenting pain for two days”
also: “chronic gastric ulceration”

The Cullinan Dream, Mar 31, Los Alamitos S – “four-day diarrhea prior to death”

La Dorada Czech, Apr 15, Los Alamitos S – “endotoxemia and/or septicemia”

Shes Our Dasher, Apr 16, Los Alamitos T – “catastrophic breakdown with phalanx protruding through the skin; [multiple] ruptures”


Isla’s Toy, Apr 17, Los Alamitos R – “[multiple] fractures and ruptures”

Last Renegade, Apr 24, Santa Anita T – “hit rail, fractured pelvis, hemorrhagic shock”

racehorse pelvis

Rowboat Romeo, May 9, Los Alamitos T – “catastrophic fracture; severe hemorrhage”

racehorse fractures

Conquest Sabre Cat, May 14, Golden Gate R – “catastrophic breakdown with multiple open fractures – horse was humanely destroyed on track”
also: “chronic gastric ulceration”

I’ll Dash for Gold, May 22, Golden Gate S – “spinal cord compression, severe ataxia”

unidentified, May 24, Los Alamitos T – “comminuted, complete, displaced fracture”

Young Dasher, Jun 23, Los Alamitos S – “severe pneumonia, two weeks duration”

Up and Ready, Jun 26, Los Alamitos S – “acute laminitis following castration”

Street Gambler, Jun 30, Golden Gate S – “complete hip fracture; hemorrhage”

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