I Used to Love Fishing...
A Fishes Article from All-Creatures.org

FROM George Dumitru, FishFeel.org
April 2021

He made a choice to end the fun he had fishing (being with people, being outside) after realizing how much he was hurting the fishes.


I used to love fishing. I remember I hated when the hook became stuck in a bad place, I remember I didn’t want to hurt the fish, and the bait. I felt bad for them, but I had some kind of filter, or something, that was keeping me from acting as I felt. I thought it was normal.

I would still go fishing (unconsciously), but just for the fun part (being with people, joking, having fun). When I realized what came with that fun, I didn't want to do it anymore.

Every activity in our lives is based on hurting other beings, and many people can’t pass through that “normalizing” filter.

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