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FROM Marlene Narrow, Vegans Make A Difference
September 2020

The Vegan paradigm is very important because without veganism there is no animal liberation; and without animal liberation there is no freedom.

Marlene Narrow

My healing modality of choice is Veganism, and my vegan journey began with my understanding that life is basically one big I.C. Unit—Intertwined Consciousness. I believe that the Vegan lifestyle/veganism is a blessing for all.

I think that our inherited herderic, carniste deathstyle is rooted much deeper than mass indoctrination and stubborn addiction. In my opinion, a carniste paradigm is an evil paradigm – “evil” (opposite of live) meaning: to plot against another, to show enmity, to practice hostility and harm to an ‘other.’ A Vegan paradigm is a benevolent paradigm – “benevolent” meaning: to help one another, to show compassion, to practice radical inclusivity (nondiscrimination), nonharmfulness, and loving kindness.

The Vegan paradigm is very important because without veganism there is no animal liberation; and without animal liberation there is no freedom. As I see it, Life naturally moves in the direction of healing, as in the healing of a laceration in the skin for example, and also in cultural healing as that which we have experienced/witnessed in regard to human rights that have obviously advanced, but not nearly enough. The missing peace (piece) to this quandary is nonhuman animal slavery because “as we sow we reap.” In this century, animal liberation via Veganism will usher in further healing and harmony.

As most vegans know, veganism is largely ignored and vastly rejected by our dominant culture. On this note, the following words (said apparently by Christ) motivate me in this matter: “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” In my opinion, the massive resistance to veganism (especially by those in the peace, environmental, educational, medical-scientific, spirituality, social justice, new age, and feminist circles) is because the gate to Veganism is a narrow gate, and thus only a few are able to pass through it at once. Nonetheless, our responsibility as Vegans is to keep this line moving. In my opinion, Veganism is the first necessary step to social harmony, and when the actual number of Vegans on this planet reaches a tipping point, that’s when there will be the possibility of co-creating heaven on earth.

In conclusion, I would like to say that due to Intertwined Consciousness, when we harm others, we are harming ourselves; and when we bless others, we are also blessed. I would like to extend gratitude to Vegan educators and activists worldwide. My advice to Vegans is to align yourself with others of like mind, and to unite with Vegans who share your philosophy. By these measures, we can expedite many methods of Vegan advocacy that will advance healing, harmony, sustainability, personal/cultural transformation, and world peace.

Marlene is the host of Vegan Nation:

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