Ireland: The Land of Meat, Dairy, And...Vegans?
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FROM Sara Streeter,
January 2020

Ireland was once considered a most unlikely place for veg*nism. Today, that culinary landscape is changing.

Ireland is often stereotyped as unsympathetic to the ethics of plant-based eating. Its foodscape is portrayed as carnivorous and uninspired, and it is true that the Irish economy depends on meat and dairy production. But while Ireland’s history of invasion, emigration, and trade created a culture of speciesism, it has also brought diverse values and a knowledge of alternatives. Now, concerns are growing about the health and environmental impacts of animal foods. Indeed, the Irish seem more receptive than ever to animal interests....

So, what is the takeaway for animal advocates? This essay demonstrates that veg*ism can take root in unlikely places. A wide variety of groups, from professional organizations to grassroots efforts, are working to encourage veg*ism in Ireland. Most large Irish cities now have vegetarian restaurants, and vegan options are more and more available. All major grocery chains now sell specialty vegan foods. And at the grassroots level, people meet up to share food and socialize. It is through these efforts, both large and small, that ever so slowly, a movement is born.

Please read the entire study at Ireland: The Land of Meat, Dairy, And…Vegans? 

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