Counterglow: US Map of Animal Agriculture Operations
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June 2020

Shine a light on animal ag: Project Counterglow was made by ordinary people, for ordinary people- because together, we can bring to light the injustices of violent systems that thrive only in darkness.

factory farms map

Violence thrives in darkness: Let there be light

We are fiercely nonviolent, and expect the same from any and all who use these tools.

We challenge systems of oppression with the power of nonviolence. We have empathy for human and non-human individuals caught up in violent systems, seeking to bring them to the side of truth and justice. We accept suffering without retaliation for the sake of the cause. Even when tested, we respond nonviolently in act, word, and tone.

We reject the speciesism that enables the mass torture and killing of nonhuman animals and the disregard for their home - our planet - as well as the unjust and oppressive institutions and ideologies that harm all animals. We regard humans who participate in these institutions of violence not as our enemies; but rather as part of a global society in which violence has been deeply normalized, to the point of being nearly unnoticeable. It is not a matter of us versus them; it is all of us together versus violence and oppression.

This interactive map reveals the locations of more than 27,500 farms and animal agriculture facilities.

From their website:

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