Lies, damn lies, and statistics*
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March 2021

And for those who claim that breeding, eating and using our fellow animals to death is just what humans have always done, hereís a horrifying snippet of information. In 1961 when these records first began, that number was 2.70 per person. The number of defenceless creatures slaughtered per human has gone from 2.70 to 10.34 in 70 years.

slaughter statistics

February is the month that FAO (The Food and Agriculture Organization, a specialised agency of the United Nations) publishes the annual global statistics of the number of land-based individuals slaughtered in the latest statistical year, which is currently 2019. This is the fourth year that Iíve looked at these figures and blogged about them.

First of all Iíd like to express gratitude to my friend, committed activist Markus BÝhning whose many vegan projects include tierrechtsaktivistenbuendnis. This year, he was the one who crunched the numbers from FAOSTATís raw data, examining the statistics back to when they were first published in 1961. Itís thanks to him that weíre able to look confidently at patterns and trends from year to year. But before diving into what the latest numbers tell us, context is vital; there are several things that need to be said.

Those who have read my blogs in the past will have observed a sense of increasing urgency, summed up in my Ďstatisticsí blog of March 2019;

ĎMake no mistake. We are now in the midst of the fight of our lives; the fight for THEIR lives, and the fight for the very existence of our living world. We no longer have options. Anyone who tells us differently, has a vested interest in lying to usí....


*The further I looked for the origin of the title phrase, the less sure I was of the attribution. I didnít make it up but it seemed an appropriate title for this blog.



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