The more vegan stuff there is in the world, the less animal suffering there is
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FROM Dave Muir
February 25, 2020

I don't write much on Facebook anymore, but I will today.... Hopefully it will cause some friends to disown me.

I have been a vegan for a few years, and it is about the animals. For me, the health and environmental benefits are a bonus. but the original definition of veganism is about the animals.

My aim is to have more and more 'suitable for vegan' products in the world...and not just made by specialist niche companies.

I want everyone to move towards it so when I see vegan Galaxy or vegan Cadburys or anything else, I think that's great because another company is understanding the need for more vegan stuff in the world.

In my simplistic view, if companies produce more vegan products, then the likelihood is that they are contributing to making veganism an easier option for those who are not yet fully committed.

The more vegan stuff there is in the world, the less animal suffering there is. That's how my mind works. So instead of saying that it is rubbish and we hate them, I prefer to say well done for moving a bit, now let's move some more.

I know this is unacceptable for some purist (read "elitist") vegans, but that's my view, so please unfriend me if this offends you.

Anyone who thinks global veganism will happen overnight on the basis of specialist companies is clearly wrong.

Thank you for your time.

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