Major Bag Designer Ditches All Leather To Use Vegan Pinatex Instead
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FROM Maria Chiorando,
November 2019

The Original Satchel Store says it wants to 'to be seen to be working with Nature, not against her,' using Pinatex made from pineapples instead of leather.

A major UK bag designer has ditched leather - replacing it with vegan Pinatex (made from pineapples) instead.

The Original Satchel Store says it will no longer make its bags and accessories animal skins in a bid to be more sustainable and environmentally-friendly, as well as cruelty-free.

In addition, the company - which says it will still use the same production techniques and maintain the same quality - has seen burgeoning demand for bags which do not involve the slaughter of animals.

'Working with nature'

"We want to be seen to be working with Nature, not against her and we are delighted to have sourced an all-natural product called Pinatex that we can offer to customers with a clear conscience for us and for them. It feels the right thing to do," said Steve Greenhalgh, a director of the Original Satchel Store.

"There is an alternative that allows customers to be in the vanguard of fashion without it costing the earth or raising serious ethical dilemmas. We have spent the last year or so looking at alternatives to leather including 'pleather' and artificial leather none of which were acceptable, until we found Pinatex, a material made from pineapple leaves.

"Given the choice was to continue to use animal skins or find an alternative that gave us the same high-quality products without the ethical conflict, we decided to follow the alternative. Not only does leather production cause cruelty to animals, it causes cruelty to people as well."

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