Thankfulness Without Harm
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FROM David Jack James
November 2020 Facebook post

Please choose compassion this Thanksgiving...and every day.


While you are expressing gratitude this Thanksgiving, please open your heart, and refrain from harming and killing others for tradition and taste pleasure.

Turkeys are sentient beings, just like humans and dogs. Sentience is the ability to feel emotions, to perceive surroundings, and to experience life as a fully self-aware individual. Turkeys are socially-complex beings, with feelings, and a strong sense that they are individuals. They want to live. They want to avoid suffering and death. They fight for their lives just as we would if someone were trying to harm or kill us.

Turkeys have central nervous systems, just like humans and dogs, which means that they have the capacity to experience pain and suffering. Just like you and your companion animals, they want to form bonds with friends, to take care of their babies, and to experience love and affection.

All sentient beings have the right to live free from exploitation, harm, and slaughter by humans. Humans have the great fortune of being able to behave morally, to think rationally, and to live happy and healthy lives without consuming animals or their bodily secretions. Please choose compassion this Thanksgiving...and every day.

You can express gratitude for your life and blessings without harming and killing others. 

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