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This lyric was written by Jim Robertson circa 1979/'80

We’ve broken all
of Mother Nature’s laws.
In her perfection
we create the flaws.
We kick her, ungrateful,
like a child in the womb.

We could see the truth,
but avert our eyes.
Rule her like gods,
living shallow lies
on our self-appointed throne
we’re the beasts out of tune.

Out of tune, nearly out of room.
Multiplying fast, we’ll have to face her soon.

She doesn’t complain
when we kick in the womb,
when we grow and grow
Take up so much room.
Her maternal love is our sanctuary.

But unless we love her in return
(as a spoiled child,
we must mature)
we just might cause her to miscarry.

Out of tune, nearly out of room.
Multiplying fast, we’ll have to face her soon.


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