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Response to "Suspect in calf-clubbing has farm ties"

This letter appeared in the Seattle P.I.

Dear Editor,

In reading “Suspect in calf clubbings has farm ties“, Saturday, August 31, 2002, about the killer moving from pen to pen, systematically bludgeoning 33 dairy calves, I was reminded of Ted Bundy’s murderous rampage at the worst of his serial killing career. In a scenario strikingly similar to these calf-clubbings, Bundy hunted from room to room in Florida State University’s Chi Omega sorority, bashing in the skulls of 4 sleeping girls with an oak club. Each perpetrator was venting psychopathic rage through an impulsive, self-centered tantrum that left innocent victims suffering or dead.

Weighing the crime in terms of lost dollar value of the calves and their future milk production demonstrates that society has yet to see animal cruelty for what it really is--a conscienceless disregard for the lives and suffering of other sentient beings.

And are readers expected to believe the Dairy Association’s line that farmers “work with these animals because we love them” and that cows “are like family” to them? On today’s dairy farms, calves are penned separate from their nurturing and protective mothers. Males are often confined in veal crates to further restrict their movement. Cows are repeatedly impregnated and treated like nothing more than machines for their few short years until their milk production drops off. Then they, like the veal calves, are crowded into semi-trailers and shipped to the slaughterhouse where they wait in fear for what can be as hideous a death as that wrought by the bat-wielding sociopath.

Jim Robertson


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