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Chapter 1
Hide-hunting Holocaust Survivors Still under Fire

One thing nearly every visitor agrees on is that they "love" bison in the form of "buffalo burgers," a feature item on the menu at most any restaurant in and around the park. Like the French explorers who christened bison "les boeufs" (their term for cattle, which grew into the slang, "buffalo"), today's bison-eaters must see all bovines as livestock provided by a nepotistic creator for their oral gratification.

But beneath the covetous lust for bison flesh lurks the same hostility that rears its ugly head when beef-eaters ridicule cows for being "dumb" animals. Just as their ancestors who painted on the walls of caves, perhaps they envy the size and strength of the gentle beasts. Or do they resent them for their seemingly simple routine of roaming, grazing and lounging? The truth is, life for the bison of Yellowstone is exceedingly tough, but they take the rigors of wilderness living in stride.

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Excerpt from Jim Robertson's book, Exposing the Big Game: Living Targets of a Dying Sport.


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