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McNuggets True Identity

Ever since the vile, unnecessary shooting death of the young female gray whale, there has been a flurry of propaganda intended to help Makah whalers come out smelling like roses.

The media has been rife with editorials bleating the mantra that eating whale is no different than eating a Big Mac, or that killing a whale is no worse than what Colonel Sanders does to chickens.

The meat-eating masses, they repeatedly spout, are unconnected with the source of their meat, inoffensive in its sanitary styrofoam packaging. But it’s no wonder: they’ve been trained to be detached.

The purveyors of modern-day meat products realize that if they didn’t conceal the McNugget’s true identity, its origin and the history of its tormented life and death, they’d lose money.

But haven’t man’s ancestors always been meat eaters? Not our earliest ancestors, who lived millions of years on a plant-based diet. Now man is the only devoutly carnivorous primate, although countless healthy people throughout history have shown we can still do quite well as vegetarians.

Mankind has proved he has the weaponry to overcome the largest of Earth’s creatures. But simply trying to resurrect Neolithic stone age cultures is not the answer for today’s world. There’s far too many of us, and no one’s quite willing to give up all our technological advances to allow Nature a fighting chance. It’s time to take a more humane approach to feeding ourselves and to adopt ways of honoring animals while still allowing them to live.

Jim Robertson


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