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Plea for Peace Trilogy
By Jim Robertson
(circa 1978/80)

The blasting sounds
from the testing grounds
fill the desert aire,

The geese glide by
as they Northward fly
blissfully unaware,

The trout swims deep
and out of reach
of the line which would drag her ashore,

while the noisemakers play
spending all of their day
testing bombs for their next world war.


Far away from the manger
thorn crown ‘round his head
the man they call Jesus
hangs from a cross, dead.

The doves in the sky
look down in dismay:
‘why did the Prince of Peace
have to die this way?’


The clouds grew dark
over the Middle East
a land where violent
men would meet
to battle their lives
away in vain
to conquer a world
already insane.

And in their lost lives
they would know only hate
as they dreamt their dreams
of pearly gates
‘till their tank tracks dug canyons
so deep and so wide
that their weapons of warring
were all stuck inside.

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