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This lyric was written by Jim Robertson circa 1979/'80

There’ll be a big fire a-blazing soon
and if you’ve got the time I’d like you to
come on in and share the warmth with me.

I might not be the most social guy,
but when friends come ‘round
I like to try to show them a good time
the way it used to be.

I’d trade skiing stories with the boys out back,
while in the kitchen the women’ll yackity-yack
and we’ll all get together when supper’s good and baked.

And afterwards we’ll all sit ‘round
and watch the fire as it’s burning down
and the snoring dog will keep us entertained.

I got no T.V. , aint got no video games,
but my big stone fireplace
should take the place
if you appreciate the way it used to be.

So if you’re all alone on this windy night,
come on in and share the light
and the warmth from the fire
the way it used to be.


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