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Chapter 9
Bears Show More Restraint than Ursiphobic Elmers

In the past few decades, many have spoken out in support of the wrongfully maligned grizzly, yet the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has judged the token few that remain plenty enough to warrant their removal from the ESA list of threatened (and therefore federally protected) species, reducing them back to the status of "big game."

Now hunters in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming are gearing up for the day when they can once again decorate private lodges with their very own stuffed grizzly cadaver or bear skin rug. And why shouldn't they be allowed to have their fun? After all, their counterparts in Alaska and Canada have legally been killing grizzlies without a hitch right up to the present.

In Alaska, bears—in addition to wolves—are routinely shot from planes under the deathly ill-advised notion that eliminating those animals leaves more moose for more hunters to slay. What the Sarah Palin-ites can't seem to figure out is, as the number of hunters goes up, the quantity of moose goes down, simple as that. Will we have to see an Alaska devoid of bears and wolves before their confused game department finally figures out who's to blame?

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Excerpt from Jim Robertson's book, Exposing the Big Game: Living Targets of a Dying Sport.


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