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This lyric was written by Jim Robertson circa 1979/'80

The lamprey clings with suction cup mouth
sucking my vital bloodline dry.
The zookeeper smiles, inwardly,
when she thinks from this cage that I canít fly.
And the highest satisfactions hers
when she sees me finally break down and cry.

Sheís a lamprey, a zookeeper.
Sheíll cage you up and take away your freedom.
Sheís a Lamprey, a liontamer.
She tried to drain the wild right out of me.

She cleans my cage of suburban comforts
and visits when itís feeding time,
but the call of the wild thatís inside me now
is stronger than this cage of mine.
So I bend the bars and break away
back to the mountains, back where I belong.

Iím home again, back in the mountains again
Thereís nothing like this freedom.
Iím a wildman, a mountainman
No one can take the mountains away from me.


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