God Does Not Eat Meat By Arthur Poletti
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Chapter Ten: There Are No Slaughterhouses in Heaven



Michael Pacenti’s official presentation was planned for 9 a.m. on Sunday, January 23rd, at the Zimbabwe coliseum. Between twenty-five and thirty thousand people including dignitaries, citizens, and news media representatives from every country in Africa were expected to attend the eight-hour program. The program had been carefully planned by United States officials, with considerable help and input from Africans.

Brad took Alyssa’s advice and provided Michael Pacenti with copies of his final examination presentation given at the University of California. Together Brad and Michael would select the parts that seemed most appropriate and meaningful for the mostly African audience. Michael had carefully prepared material for his own speech, but after reviewing the information from Brad’s college presentation he agreed to recite parts of several sections.

For three eight-hour days, Brad and Michael met and exchanged ideas with many Africans, with the help of American and African interpreters. All pertinent information was considered, including a final review to recapitulate the materials Brad used for his college presentation. The four language interpreters would need considerable time to translate Michael’s words effectively for the many different Africans speaking and understanding numerous dialects. So it was decided that Michael make his keynote speech as short and as informative as possible, preferably not longer then eight hours.

Michael sought out additional suggestions and recommendations from several American and African staff members regarding ways to effectively impress African citizens and gain their endorsement of the program.

The most difficult obstacle for Michael would be to present the case for the importance of protecting animals without insulting or offending the diverse audience, which would include representatives from every country on the African continent. Even though Michael would be eager to share his knowledge, he would need to be diplomatic. A slow process would be needed to allow all participants to better understand and overcome the barriers of language, cultural habits, and religious faiths. Then the goal of persuading impervious Africans to stop eating meat and stop killing animals could be gradually achieved.

During the same period of time, Brad’s team would attempt to prove that wild animals could be fed many foods other then meat that are far better for their health. This would be accomplished by providing vegetarian foods on a large-scale basis to wild and domestic animals in and out of captivity. In the United States since September 1, 2008, with few exceptions, wild and domesticated animals have been fed only non-meat foods. These animals are much healthier, live longer, and have proven that over time they and their offspring continually exhibit, on a declining scale, far less of the aggressive instincts to attack and eat other animals.

At 8 a.m. on January 23, 2066, preliminary ceremonies by African and American dignitaries marked the beginning of what Brad hoped would in time lead to a monumental achievement in all of Africa.

The United States’ foreign ambassador and then the amiable governor of Zimbabwe made a few opening announcements while a large number of people continued to enter the coliseum. Then at 8:50 a.m., as the ambassador introduced Michael Pacenti to the crowd, he was warmly greeted with loud applause.

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for your greetings,” began Michael. Let me also thank you, mister foreign ambassador, all members of the government, local dignitaries, and citizens of Zimbabwe for the opportunity you have given us.

“It seems that God and nature worked in conjunction for centuries to create a paradise in which to provide and bestow the plentiful natural resources, lavish splendors, and quintessence that exists throughout Africa, including an abundance of many of the most beautiful species of animals in the world.

“Unfortunately in Africa, centuries of unnecessary crimes committed against animals for food, sport, and cruel experimentation seems to have permanently preserved and fueled the precarious never-ending tragic curse that throughout recorded history has continuously caused epidemics of old and new diseases, plagues, and never-ending violent crimes. The origin, development, and presence of most diseases and violent crimes in Africa can be traced back to the transmission to humans of terrified and diseased cells from the dead flesh of brutally killed animals.

“Many seasoned veterans of hunting seem to feel as strongly about their right and need to kill animals as animal rights activists feel about protecting animals. The following is a quote made by Jose Ortega Gasset one of the more famous supporters of hunting.

Hunting is an escape that is necessary for man as a form of preservation of his sanity. It is a pursuit that man alone follows as an avocation, as recreation. It is one of the most highly individualistic activities of men. It is man alone against the wild animals, in a unique situation not repeated elsewhere in all of nature. It is an activity for which there is no substitute. There is no possible substitution through simulation. One either hunts, or one does not hunt. It permits no middle ground.

“Please remember the above statement. It is incomprehensible, to put it mildly. There must be better ways to preserve one’s own sanity besides hunting! The hunters and meat eater’s habit of overlooking the cruelty and brutal killing of animal life must once and for all come to an end. Otherwise the alliance between animals and humans will continue declining to a complete and final destruction.

“Unbelievably, meat eaters in Africa seem to disregard all the proven facts about the health hazards directly related to meat consumption. With all the cruelty, death, and disease that have resulted from killing animals and eating their flesh, animal rights organizations, vegans, and vegetarians find it hard to believe that laws have not been instituted in every country in Africa to stop the carnage immediately.

“Religious beliefs older than Christianity, known as Hinduism and Jainism, clearly insist that animals should never be treated cruelly. Hindus teach vegetarianism as a way to live with a minimum of hurt to other beings. They believe that when humans consume meat, fish, or fowl, they participate indirectly in acts of cruelty and violence against the animal kingdom. The meat eater’s desire for meat drives another to kill and provide that meat. The act of the butcher begins with the desire of the consumer. Meat eating contributes to a mentality of violence, and from the chemically complex meat one absorbs the slaughtered creature’s fear, pain, and terror.

“There are different levels of compassion expressed by humans towards animals. Especially among those who profess to love animals. There are also major differences of opinion between meat eaters and vegans. We all say we love our pets, but if you are a meat eater you are subconsciously condoning the brutal slaughter of animals daily that is needed to feed the mouths of the world’s remaining population of dead flesh eaters. Eating meat does not express the purest form of love for the animal world.

“Since humans, not God, were responsible for writing all the words for every religious faith, they can be blamed for some of the disingenuous, self-serving, thoughtless connotations written in the Bible that could not possibly have been authorized or ordained by God. Words that cleverly dismissed the immense value, importance, and absolute necessity of protecting every animal’s life.

“For centuries, with a few important exceptions, most religions conveniently ignored the importance of protecting all animal life. The Bible was filled with ambiguous scriptures written by men for the benefit of people, not animals. Nevertheless, it is impossible to believe that any God worthy of worshipping has ever, or would ever, give authorization to humans to destroy animals and eat their flesh.

“There can be no bigger sin than the affectation and the manipulation of scriptures in the Bible to justify and satisfied the inherited and ageless human cravings to kill animals and eat their flesh.

“Take heed, and beware, a genuine God can not be manipulated, and will not be a partner blind to false religious interpretations. Such as verses that cleverly appeared in the Bible over 2000 years ago for the sole purpose of making it seem as though God authorized man to destroy animals and eat their flesh.

“Do you think that any God worthy of your worship would arbitrarily authorize the worldwide mass destruction of creature’s lives so that humans can eat their flesh?

“Do you think there are slaughterhouses in heaven?

“Do you think that supporting cruelty and killing animals for your consumption will be rewarded with kindness, love, and nirvana in your next life? How many meat eaters would support their religious beliefs or attend church if they were told that cruelty to animals and eating meat is an unforgivable sin?

“The demand for religious clarity regarding animals persuaded amenable leaders representing every faith throughout the world to deliberate and resolve obvious improprieties in the Bible. After considerable evaluation the prudent decision was finally made to amend and or delete verses in the Holy Bible that insinuate God authorized or seemed to authorize any form of cruelty to animals.

“The final determination for the long over due religious accord was based on the absolute bona-fide belief that almighty God would never condone, support, permit, or promote cruelty, violence or premature death to animals. Furthermore, cruelty in any form is the complete antithesis of what God represents. As you all know the amended version of the Holy Bible was released throughout the world in December, 2012.”

“We know that all humans are born and all will die. What we are not certain of is what happens to a human’s soul after death.

“Theologically speaking it seems reasonable to believe that a person that devotes their life to supporting and promoting cruelty to any of God’s living creatures will not realize the same after death experience as a person that devotes their life to supporting and promoting kindness to all living creatures.”

“There is an ancient religious theory that insists that humans who eat the flesh of animals will be punished for their cruelty. Many will suffer physical and mental pain periodically throughout their lifetime from any one of a variety of illnesses and diseases caused by consuming dead animal flesh. Sounds crazy to you? Don’t be so sure this could not happen! Why take the chance?

“A nation that is capable of limitless sacrifice is capable of rising to limitless heights. The purer the sacrifice the quicker the progress.” Mahatma Gandhi

“Ask yourself these questions and carefully consider your answers. If you personally had to kill a cow or pig to eat their dead flesh, would you do it, especially when there are plenty of other choices of food that are much healthier for you?

“How would you feel if you saw your own pets brutally slaughtered and eaten? Every time you look at or eat a piece of meat, remember that animal wanted to live just as much as your pets want to live.

“Hunters and meat eaters might want to reconsider whether killing animals or eating their dead bodies really adds value, quality, or good health to their lives. Hunters who have pets at home should think about why they are willing to love, protect, and care for their own pets but do not express similar feelings when they stalk and kill wild animals.

“Killing animals and eating their dead flesh should have stopped a long time ago. We can not change the past; however, we certainly have the ability to change the future. Each one of you who is a meat eater or hunter needs to clearly realize the difference between cruelty and kindness.

“Imagine what God is thinking while he stands at the doorstep of every slaughterhouse in Africa to witness the procedures of cruelty and death administered to thousands of animals.

“Imagine what God is thinking while he stands at the doorstep of every laboratory in Africa to witness the brutal torture and destruction of animals during experimentations.

“Imagine what God is thinking while he watches every hunter in Africa that stalks and cruelly ends the lives of precious animals that God put on earth to be loved and protected. Sacred lives that deserve the God given right to be unharmed and to live in peaceful harmony with the universe.

“These unforgivable cardinal sins are the result of unnecessary crimes committed to animals caused by complete unawareness of the precious value and absolute sanctity of every creature’s life.

“The destruction of animals fuels and promotes prosperity for the devil and his biggest allies, cruelty, violence and premature death.

“Cruelty is demonstrated when you participate in any part of the vicious cycle of killing and consuming animal flesh.

“Kindness is demonstrated when you do not participate in any part of the vicious cycle of killing and consuming animal flesh.

“Parents throughout Africa need to understand and be convinced that all animals deserve the right to live a full life filled with affection, love, and protection much like they express to their own children. Parents need to set examples every day by their own actions and continually explain to their children the importance of being kind and compassionate to all living creatures.

“On a much brighter note, I have wonderful news for you. In order to begin protecting all of the animals of Africa, progressive political representatives from the government of Zimbabwe considered and are now willing to try new methods to protect and conserve your precious animal life.

“Fifty-seven years ago Americans began a similar program to protect animals. I was fortunate to be one of the legislative committee members who helped formulate several important laws that the United States Congress incorporated into the Animal Welfare Act of 2008. The revolutionary new laws were designed primarily to forbid humans to eat dead animal flesh and to protect animals from being brutally killed or treated cruelly. We knew that meat could be replaced by much healthier foods that would be far more beneficial to our citizens.

“The success we have achieved for the benefit of animals and people has established a remarkable precedent that is mind boggling.

“Today in America we have proven that by not raising cattle to be slaughtered, we are far more prosperous, we’re healthier, and we live longer. We must impress you with the enormous magnitude of benefits we realize throughout our society today as a result of being kind to animals.

“In order to make you aware of the many benefits Africans would realize by not killing animals for food or sport, I will read to you applicable excerpts from different parts of a presentation made by my colleague, Bradford Knox, just a few months ago.

“The title of the presentation he made to his classmates at the University of California is How Kindness To Animals Has Changed The World.”

Michael’s speech lasted nearly nine hours including a thirty minute break for lunch and a few brief pauses. He thanked the large audience for listening and began the last stages of the program by introducing and reciting a famous verse.

“I believe that animals have their own religion, a religion not motivated by greed, possessions, or a promise to go to heaven. Even though animals cannot read, write, or speak our languages, they have a way of bonding with humans by expressing and receiving the purest form of love and devotion. In part their religion was summarized beautifully by Walt Whitman in the following verse.

I think I could turn and live with animals. They are so placid and self-contained. I stand and look at them long and long. They do not sweat and whine about their condition. They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins. They do not make me sick discussing their duty to God. Not one is dissatisfied; not one is demented with the mania of owning things. Not one kneels to another, nor to his kind that lived thousands of years ago. Not one is respectable or unhappy over the whole earth.

Michael smiled at the audience for several seconds and then said.

“It has been said that what one can receive from another is a thought, a question, but the exploration has to be one’s own. Unless your reasoning ability and conscious thought discover the truth, it is not the truth for you; it is only a description of the truth.

“For the sake of your families welfare, especially the prospects of a better life for your children, please consider the many benefits of protecting every animals life.

“I would like to ask each person in the audience and every person in every country of Africa to reach into the hidden caverns of your soul to seek truth and guidance. Only there will you discover how you really feel about the value and importance of protecting every creature’s life.

“In memory of my father, Mondo Pacenti, I will begin the last segments of this program by reciting one of his favorite Hindu verses written by Tirumantira, and than I will recite a poem that I have always admired written by Rumi.

“Many are the lovely flowers of worship offered to the Guru, but none lovelier than non-killing. Respect for life is the highest worship, the bright lamp, the sweet garland, and unwavering devotion.

“What do you really possess, and what have you gained? What pearls have you brought up from the depths of the sea? On the day of death, bodily senses will vanish. Do you have the spiritual light to accompany your heart? When dust fills these eyes in the grave, will your grave shine bright?”

Michael paused, looked at the audience for a few moments, and then continued.

“My father believed that when a person has psychologically achieved a desire from their soul to be kind to all living creatures in every way then they have arrived at the place they should be. He emphasized that a person should not think it is a special achievement when they are kind to animals, but rather realize they are doing what is appropriate and expected. My father often recited the following words of wisdom to me, which I think of often.

“Let us have the sense of justice to check up from time to time the quality and the nature of our own beliefs. In the light of new data gained, in the presence of new ideas accepted, the old belief may have to be changed in its form or content. At such moments let us have the courage to make the necessary changes to remodel the existing belief.

“Let us always have the courage to check within ourselves to repair, to refine our convictions, our beliefs, and our way-of -life. Michael paused for several seconds then continued with his own thoughts.

“Most humans hope or expect that their lives will continue after death, and pray they will end up in a better place. Others think that when humans die they remain in a perpetual state of oblivion, dead forever in a deep dark hole.

“One of the most essential prerequisites for an eternal life of happiness may be directly related to whether or not you have been cruel or kind to all living creatures, human and animal.

“Certainly if there is a heaven, you can be sure that animals are not tortured, killed, and eaten there. Therefore, since there is no meat in heaven, now might be a good time to change your eating habits.

“Cruelty does not exist in heaven, but being cruel may be the surest method for a person to obtain a box seat in hell. This is a personal choice we all make in our lives.

“Will your choice be to continue supporting cruelty and death, or will each one of you seriously consider seeking your own personal redemption in the eyes of God?

“You can begin to accomplish this goal by being an important and intricate part of a worldwide effort attempting to provide the prospect of a full and safe life for all animals.

Michael, a charismatic speaker, paused for several moments to glance at the enthralled attentive audience, and then he continued.

“May some of the dormant hidden seeds of kindness in your soul be rekindled and then blossom in your conscious mind. May you then be inspired to join our righteous campaign to permanently protect the sanctity of life for all creatures on the face of the earth.

“Clearly, when this crusade is over your heart will tell you which society you would prefer to live in.

“My father Mondo Pacenti believed, and convinced me to believe, that when you attempt to rescue or protect any of Gods creatures from the ravages of cruelty, you will in turn, rescue a part of your own soul.

“May your sincere affections and sympathy for animal’s lives generate love, compelling you to seek an identity with this cause.

“I believe God sees each one of us for what we really are, not necessarily what we profess to be. He knows whether we are genuine or a fraud.

“May each person in the audience and every person living in every country in Africa seriously consider how your own rendezvous with destiny may unfold?

“May God have mercy on your soul?”

The audience was completely silent as Michael began to walk away from the podium. Only the echoing sounds that resonated from different species of chattering animals in the jungle nearby could be heard.

Bradford Knox was absolutely amazed at the quality and persuasive force of Michael’s presentation. Even more amazing was how Michael’s brilliant father, the former professional hunter and meat eater named Mondo Pacenti had nurtured the seeds of kindness in young Michael’s mind. Seeds that blossomed into a life of excellent health, peace, non-violence, and spiritual prosperity for Michael and his family.

Bradford vividly remembered the society that Mondo was raised in, surrounded by reprehensible cruelty, violence, and death to animals and people for most of his life. What Brad did not know was that long ago Mondo had decided to put down his guns and became a spokesman for the value of protecting and preserving all animal life.

Mondo was able to find his own spiritual truth through meaningful inquiry. This was accomplished by first freeing and detaching himself from all former belief, prejudices, conclusions and conditioning. Only then was Mondo, the former expert hunter and meat eater able to develop real wisdom from within and make a truly meaningful and heart felt decision regarding the precious value of all animal life.

Bradford now truly believed that Mondo Pacenti was a better man than he, accomplishing an amazing feat against overwhelming odds. When a person can go against the status quo with unyielding determination to set an example of the power of kindness for the benefit of his family, his friends, and especially animals, then that person has reached the pinnacle of success. Unequivocal proof that nonviolence combined with kindness and compassion is the greatest religion!

Mahatma Gandhi said it best:

Nonviolence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of men.

The End

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