God Does Not Eat Meat By Arthur Poletti
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Arthur Poletti

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by the way in which its animals are treated. To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being.”

This story presents a case for the importance and absolute necessity of continually attempting to protect and preserve all animal life. Hopefully, the story provides reasonable and believable predictions of a multitude of positive affects that could occur as a result of REMOVING ALL MEATS FROM THE FOOD CHAIN for humans and animals in the United States, and in as many other countries as possible.

Together we will take a journey on a path rarely traveled. During our exploration we will utilize words of wisdom expressed by some of the most famous people in history to help create a story that unleashes a fierce battle between two entirely different societies. Within this format we will theoretically deploy the awesome power of non-violence to wage a war against life’s most formidable insidious adversary.

Cruelty, the abetting loyal servant and evil partner of violence, is the most devastating and most difficult dilemma for human and animal life to contend with, and has proven to be one of the most difficult problems to solve or even control.

Every person should continually inspire their consciousness to inquire and seek their own personal truth about life’s most important issues. Only then can one develop the feeling of real compassion that comes from understanding and wisdom. The decisions you make after reading this story could reveal some of your deepest true feelings, especially concerning the value and importance of every animal’s life.

You may be inspired and motivated to support and be a part of this cause and hopefully be convinced that this seemingly impossible fairy tale could become reality.

You may also be persuaded to consider and decide, for your spiritual salvation, which society you would prefer to live in, and conversely which society you would prefer to die in.

Imagine living during the period in history when meat is removed from the food chain in the United States and all slaughterhouses are closed.


Think about some of the happy times you have experienced in your life, especially the laughter and joyous moments spent with your family and friends. Remember your childhood and how your parents loved, protected, and provided for you. Remember the thrill and excitement of your wedding day and the births of your children. Remember the animals you have loved and cared for that have meant so much to you.

What you probably never realized or preferred not to think about is that during every minute of your life—past, present, and future—animals have been and will be tortured, killed, and consumed by most of the human race.

Every ardent vegan and vegetarian in the world who truly cares about animal welfare must absolutely come out of the closet now and be heard. Thousands of years of cruelty to animals are enough.

Several million people need to join forces and organize a relentless campaign making as many people as possible aware of the magnitude of cruelty that exists to animals and the world-wide catastrophic disaster meat consumption has caused.

The detestable, needless, never ending mass murder of animals and consumption of their flesh must stop now.

One day soon we will rejoice when slaughterhouses begin closing because of the lack of demand for meat. One by one the horrible houses of murder will close until every slaughterhouse in the Unites States is out of business and eradicated forever.

The importance of this point of view is supported and summed up brilliantly by one of the most renowned men in history.

For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.
- Pythagoras, mathematician

Authors that have been sympathetic to hunters insist that the Bible’s Judeo-Christian teaching, especially the commandment Thou shall not kill, refers only to humans, not to animals. They conclude that hunting or slaughtering animals for food consumption is not condemned in the Bible and therefore cannot be sacrilegious. They argue that it has always been the hunter’s God-given right to hunt and kill, making reference to passages in the Bible that in fact support their arguments.

The sacred Bible was written over 2000 years ago by men who had the special somewhat dubious self invoked talent to explicitly express Gods will. The Bible is quite accommodating because it contains no passages that clearly condemn killing animals for food. Moreover, it contains commands for animal sacrifices in the Old Testament.

Throughout history, most people who have been sympathetic to animals have also eaten meat, and hundreds of millions have hunted and killed animals. On the one hand they have loved and cared for their pets, but on the other hand most of the human race has condoned, supported, or participated in the biggest ongoing atrocity ever known. Amoral people throughout the world have the ability to look the other way and feel no guilt or remorse for the crimes they support and commit toward animals. The age-old saying out of sight, out of mind could not be more appropriate.

It is a strange and unfortunate paradox that in order to perceive and appreciate the all encompassing importance of kindness and non-violence one must become fully aware of the scope and magnitude of the never ending disaster caused by the worst kind of cruelty and violence.

Now with the benefit of ageless words of wisdom and insight, we can clearly predict how much better off the world could be if all animals were emancipated and not killed for food or sport, or tortured and killed during laboratory experimentations.

From time to time an ancient philosophy needs an intelligent reinterpretation in the context of the new times. Men of wisdom, prophets, and seers must guide the common man as to how he can apply the ancient laws effectively to his present pattern of life.
- Swami Chinmayananda

Our story begins in 2065; just fifty-seven years after the United States Congress officially instituted the New Revolutionary Animal Welfare Act. The laws that were formally adopted on September 1, 2008, were designed to protect all animals from being killed for any reason other than a human’s self-defense if attacked by an animal, or to end an animal’s suffering from a terminal illness or injury. These laws forbade any type of hunting or slaughter as well as the consumption of any type of animal meat, and they outlined severe penalties for needlessly killing or committing any act of cruelty toward any animal. The laws have been strictly enforced for fifty-seven years.

Law enforcement agencies have maintained carefully monitored records of persons known to be cruel to animals. Records have been scrutinized and are considered to be as important as the laws that are enforced to protect people. All persons who own animals or are planning to purchase an animal must carry a coded certified card that verifies that the card carrier has a record of never committing any act of cruelty to any animal.

It is against the law for people with proven records of cruelty to animals to harbor, care for, or own pets. Additionally, it is against the law for any business to sell a pet to any person or business with a record for being cruel to any animal.

The names of all persons who have been prosecuted for acts of cruelty to animals are made available to businesses and the general public over the internet or can be obtained at law enforcement agencies.

Persons buying an animal for the first time must sign a contract acknowledging that they have read and understand the penalties for cruelty to animals. Substantial rewards are paid to any person who informs the police about people they have witnessed being cruel to an animal. The rewards are immediately paid upon verification and proof of the allegation.

Violations to stray or homeless animals will also result in large fines and or imprisonment for needlessly killing or committing any act of cruelty to any animal. The proof of any domestic act of cruelty to any animal results in the same punishment with the likely removal of the animal or animals from the offender’s home.

During each of the first five years that these laws were in effect in the United States, thousands of people were fined and hundreds went to prison. In 2064, two hundred and forty seven people were fined and five were sent to prison.

Webster’s dictionary defines a barbarian as a wild, cruel, uncivilized person. The United States Animal Welfare Act of 2008 is often referred to as the beginning of the end of the age of the barbarian—an age that began with prehistoric man.

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