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Affinity by Dr. Lisa Kemmerer

Publisher: Finishing Line Press

Review By Cara Chamberlain

affinity Lisa Kemmerer
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Lisa Kemmerer skillfully wraps philosophical exploration in whimsical vocabulary and rhyme. Using the deft touch of a contemporary May Swenson, she brings us up close with vegetable rot, ticks, weeds, spiders, and salamanders. Certainly there is celebration here. But also, as with Swenson’s poetry, she infuses Affinity with an almost theological questioning of human purpose, an examination of the ethics of our interactions with other beings, and an activist’s gentle prodding to do better, be better. I challenge readers to come away from these poems without having remembered their childhood sense of obligation to the many others who share this world.
~ Cara Chamberlain, author of To Gaze Upon Their Loveliness


Internationally known for her focus on anymals, nature, and disempowered human beings in the field of ethics, professor emeritus Dr. Lisa Kemmerer is founder and director of the educational non-profit, Tapestry. Kemmerer has authored many articles, anthology chapters, and books, including Vegan Ethics: AMORE—Five Reasons to Choose Vegan; Animals and World Religions; Sister Species: Women, Animals, and Social Justice; and Eating Earth: an ethics-based guide for enviros & animal activists. For more information, please visit

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