Conversations With Dog: An Uncommon Doglog of Canine Wisdom
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Author: Kate Solisti-Mattelon

From: Animal Rights Online [email protected]


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Everything you've always wanted to know about your dog (But didn't think to ask).

You talk to your dog all the time. Now, with the help of professional animal communicator Kate Solisti-Mattelon, it's the dogs' turn. Hear what they have to say about matters mundane and profound, such as...

* What is the Biggest obstacle to human-canine communication?

* Do dogs fall in love?

* Where do you go when you die?

In Conversations with Dog, you'll be delighted at the straight talk - straight from the Dog's mouth.

"Conversations with Dog reconnects us with man's best friend, providing a bridge between us humans and the animal world. Dog lovers will be enriched, but there are insights enough for everyone here." ~ Hal Zina Bennett, Ph.D., author of Spirit Animals and The Wheel of Life


Kate Solisti-Mattelon is an internationally known speaker and teacher. A professional animal communicator since 1992, Kate works with holistic veterinarians and individuals, assisting in solving animals' behavioral and health problems, healing their past traumas, and facilitating understanding between humans and nonhumans. Kate lives with her husband and family in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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