EcoPatriarchy: The Origins & Nature of Hunting By Ria Montana
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Author: Ria Montana

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Publisher: Self-published

eco patriarchy
EcoPatriarchy: The Origins & Nature of Hunting By Ria Montana
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ISBN-10: 1700374141
ISBN-13: 978-1700374141

Reviews from Amazon:

David Hunt:

Turning Around and Looking Out the Cave. Eco-Patriarchy The Origins & Nature of Hunting addresses more than its title suggests. As Ria Montana states on page ix “Citations are rocks & remixed binding intuitive to reasoned substratum.” And citations are abundant and convincing. She shows how standard cultural assumptions about prehistoric hunters drive our current planet ruining and are wrong. The alternative, diets and cultures not based on animal cruelty, are presented with ample citations to back up her assertions. Rationalizations for life paths based on animal cruelty are exposed and the cognitive dissonance used to maintain these rationalizations are amped-up for any reader with an open mind. Ria Montana reminds us that we are born empathetic creatures. Additionally, it is a fine compendium of medical evidence that humans don’t require animal cruelty to thrive.

Origins is wonderfully illustrated to demonstrate to the reader both the traditional assumptions of our culture juxtaposing them with illustrations depicting scenes of alternative narratives. Narratives which may lie closer to the truth than we have been led to believe.

Between the numerous and authoritative citations, Ria Montana brings her own soul to her work. Soul born out through a lifetime of living what she believes. The sum is greater than the parts. Both scholarly and literary. We are led to challenge ourselves, and in the end, better off for it.


Extremely captivating! Extremely interesting, well researched, and written with a nice blend of scientific and personal tones. This book is very thought provoking, and in my point of view shames our mainstream educational system. It's refreshing, new and juicy. Lots of great illustrations too.

Paul Drexler:

Inspiring! A comprehensive overview of rewilding, based on wide reading and personal experience. The illustrations illuminate!

Joshua C. Harper:

Great book! I received an advance copy of this book and found it to be informative, original, and we'll researched. If you are interested in the feminist and ecological implications of hunting give this a read!

Blanche M.:

It's about time! Well researched. Refreshing to read! Makes me think about the impact of my choices on our precious and innocent planet. Highly recommend.

About the Author:

I'm a folio-frugivore, anarcho-primitivist tending Salish lowland forests and wetlands for wild life.

Rewilding forests and wetlands rewilds my entire being. To facilitate shifting from humans’ domestiscape to wildscape, I foray into prospects of returning wild abundance, for wilding humans and other animals.

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