English Hungers By NoŽl Sweeney
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Author: NoŽl Sweeney

Publisher: Alibi (15 Dec. 2020)

English Hungers
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ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1872724205
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1872724201


We figured there were only two people who were right to write a review. We had to do without each one because we could not locate either the great Edward Abbey and Ronnie Lee.  
English Hungers is based on a story of three thugs who tortured a donkey to death and escaped retribution. It is a cold dish revenge balancing the law's uneven scales in the final pursuit of justice.

About the Author:

My legal practice as a barrister involves complex and serious cases for the prosecution and defence. The areas I cover include animal abuse, armed robbery, discrimination, drug-dealing and murder.
Since its introduction, I have taken a special interest in the Human Rights jurisprudence because of its impact on all areas of English Law. It has a direct relevance to the welfare and Ďrightsí of all of us and no less on whether an animal has a right to live.
I have lectured and written widely on the subjects relating to my practice. I have had a long-term interest in animal law, especially their legal role and status. Animals are treated as our Ďpropertyí as a matter of law. While ecologists and philosophers and environmentalists raise valid issues, the only method of changing the position of animals within our society is by law. Only the law can change their status so animals are accepted and valued in their own right with  a 'legal personality' as living creatures. Rights, whether they relate to humans or animals, run with life itself. Living a life minus rights is a synonym for being shackled by the bonds of birth.   
The Black Lives Matter movement gathered momentum following the murder of George Floyd. Yet when we say ĎAll Lives Matterí, we limit the idea to humans. Yet animal rights is the major moral crusade of the 21st century. Animals are secondary to human interests because they do not have the ability to resist those intent on harming them: us. We make money subjugating animals much as slavers made money subjugating people. Animals are hamstrung by the lack of a human tongue to boldly speak the truth that Animals' Lives Matter too.
The universal crisis of climate change has highlighted the significance of bees to our planet. Although small in size, their rise and fall mirrors the health of our planet as bees are a bellwether for us and a lodestar for our law. While the world can exist without us, it cannot continue to thrive let alone survive without bees.
My main interests outside of law are music and poetry and wielding a saw. I have collaborated with the legendary prescient musician, Liberation Drummer, on several songs with an animal rights theme. I am keen on woodwork and have passed the time by making a carriage clock and a mahogany pendulum wall clock. Most of my writing is done at a pedestal desk with a defined grain. It is a bespoke desk I made of solid American black walnut.
Walking helps my ideas to ferment as there are so many wild sights to satisfy a restless mind while hiking beneath a silvery Somerset sky. Countryside rambles are often the catalyst for my writing as the images which unfurl prove that by saving a single life you can save the entire world.

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