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God Listens When You're Afraid: Prayers for When Animals Scare You. Pilgrim Press, 2006.

The fourth book in the GOD LISTENS series, a one-of-a-kind series of prayers for children who love animals. Written from a child's viewpoint, the book contains 29 prayers that address animals that some children may be afriad of and some of the common fears associated with them. Topics include: things that fly and bite: bees, wasps, mosquitoes; spiderwebs; sharks; snakes; dogs who bite; and many others.


God Listens to Your Care: Prayers for All the Animals of the World. Pilgrim Press, 2005.

Written from a child's viewpoint, the book contains 31 prayers that respond to the love and care that naturally exist between children and animals. The prayer topics include: a tadpole changing into a frog -- how I'm changing, too; reading an upsetting notice on a utility pole about a lost animals; for vanishing and vanished species; for farm animals; for animals in animal shelters,

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God Listens to Your Love: Prayers for Living with Animal Friends. Pilgrim Press, 2005.

Written from a child's viewpoint, the book contains over 30 prayers that guide a child in relationship with a new animal friend. The topics include when a new animal friend joins the family, a prayer of thanksgiving, the joy of feeding an animal, a prayer for a missing animal friend; and about animals going to heaven.

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God Listens When You Are Sad: Prayers When Your Animal Friend is Sick or Dies. Pilgrim Press, 2005.

Follows the mourning process after one has experienced the sickness and death of a beloved friend. The book offers prayers that recognize various aspects of a child's grief -- the difficulty of understanding sickness and death, the feeling of worry and fear, having a dream about the deceased animal, one's physical experience of grief, and the sense that others don't totally understand what the child/individual is going through.

Recommend by therapists for anyone mourning the death of a beloved animal or experiencing the aging of a companion animal.

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Special Offer

This wonderful God Listens series of books are now out of print and Carol J. Adams has graciously offered to sell all four books in the series for $20.00 US including postage, while supply lasts.

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