Return to the Garden
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Author: Sue Taylor-Reeves and Illustrated by Lynne Hudson 

Reviewed by: Frank L. Hoffman


Return to the Garden
Return to the Garden
Ark House
$14.99 (AUD)

ISBN-10: 978 0 645015324
ISBN-13 : xx

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Return to the Garden
$12.99 US


Return to the Garden is a delightful spiritual story that looks at the creation account in the Bible from the perspective of the innocent animals who God also created, and the trauma they faced because of the disobedience of Adam and Eve.

The narrater of this tale is Lowey, a guinea pig and the first created being. We follow his life as he meets and falls in love with Savannah, another guinea pig, how he grows spiritually and comes to realize that the Gardener is God, his suprise meeting with Adam and Eve, the trauma of the Fall, his desire to Return to the Garden, and how he helps many of the other animals he encounters.

When Lowey grows old and dies, it is also his Return to the Garden, heaven, where Savannah also joins him in a joyful reunion.

It's a wonderful and touching story, and we highly recommend Return to the Garden to children of all ages.

About the Author:

Sue Taylor-Reeves is an emerging author based in Brisbane, Australia, a ‘compassionate lifer’ with an enthusiasm for the creation story and our planet. What began as an interest in a local animal refuge became a part of daily life, taking in many little creatures and assisting with re-homing others. Sue has combined her love of the Lord and her fascination for Guineapigs, in writing this, her first novel.

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