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SALT: A Confessional Animal Liberation Narrative By Coyote Jacobs

Publisher: Lantern Publishing & Media

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SALT: A Confessional Animal Liberation Narrative
Available from Lantern Publishing & Media
Paperback ISBN 978-1-59056-701-2
eBook ISBN 978-1-59056-702-9


“Wow, this is a true out-of-left field masterpiece from a cartoonist I hadn’t heard of before seeing this work. Intense and pouring over with color and a rich narrative, this is truly a unique experience of a book. Jacobs is working from a world of imagery all his own and the experience of reading this is a singular one. Don’t sleep on this.”
~ Austin English, cartoonist and artist, Owner of Domino Books: Mind-expanding comics for freethinkers.

“SALT brings movement to the movement, utilizing the graphic novel medium as a hopeful method of reimagining historical fiction. Drawn with expressive urgency, Jacobs illustrates the heartbreak, responsibility, and fears that can coincide with animal rescue activism. Our protagonist’s mental state trails into nightmarish moments that expose the challenge of practicing an ethics of care in a world that normalizes violence.”
~ Suzy González, visual artist

“To see Jacobs’s art is to be challenged into a deeper sensitivity; drawn in by the densely packed, kaleidoscoping waterfalls and explosions of hope and pain that saturate each page in its own technicolor nightmare-vs-dream landscape. Brushstrokes capture the expressions of humans and other-than-humans against shifting backdrops dotted by minimalist utterances that require you to draw upon your most raw emotions and join in a collective yearning for any sign of compassion. SALT reveals a world that is at the same time hopeless and hopeful—that merges identities of human and non-human animals into both the heroes and the victims—within a journey that gives no guarantee of safe passage. I feel like Jacobs’s art is unto itself a form of essential, beautiful, heartbreaking, and unsparing activism. Animal rights activists live balancing impossible realities and Jacobs’s art is the language of that experience.”
~ Rebecca Moore, Founder and Executive Director, The Institute for Animal Happiness

“Touching. Unsettling. Soul-stirring. I’m in awe of Jacobs’s art! SALT tells the story of three wounded spirits crossing paths towards healing. Poignant images, meaningful dialogues and a powerful preface combine to awaken us from our collective cultural insanity. SALT reminds us that nonviolence is the only thing that will make us feel whole again.”
~ Dr. Camila Perussello, author of Food for Thought: Planetary Healing Begins on Our Plate

“In his allegorical comic, Jacobs reveals the relational and psychic dimensions of trauma, anxiety, and care in the context of animal exploitation in scientific research and the activists who intervene. Deftly using raw, colorful illustration and relatable dialog, Jacob illustrates, through fiction, the lived reality by those who take risks to save animals from their systems of oppression.”
~ Linnea Ryshke, author of Kindling: Poetry and Art  

About the Author:

Coyote Jacobs was born as a large insect under a rock but through a series of increasingly unfortunate events now has to live life as a human man. He forgets when he became an artist but it’s the main thing he does. His work draws primarily from his experiences with non-human animals, specifically those rescued from slaughterhouses and other places of exploitation. Within his work, he hopes to create uneasiness with the assumed entitlement over animal lives. He fosters bunny rabbits and is friends with many chickens.

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