Say No To Meat: The 411 on Ditching Meat and Going Veg
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Author: Amanda Strombom and Stewart Rose

Reviewed by Frank L. and Mary T. Hoffman



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an imprint of Book Publishing Company
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Copyright © 2011 Amanda Strombom and Stewart Rose
ISBN: 978-1-57067-265-1
$12.95 US $15.95 Canada


Say No to Meat: The 411 on Ditching Meat and Going Veg is an easy to understand paperback book that will answer all your questions about going vegetarian/vegan, and the easy writing style is great for young people.

This book, with its question and answer format, is ideal for getting to the point. You’ll want to keep it handy as a reference. Say No to Meat also includes a section on ingredients and recipes, to guide you through your exciting journey as a vegetarian/vegan.

We highly recommend this excellent book, not only for beginners, but for anyone of any age who wants to learn more about being vegetarian/vegan.

From the book:

Say No to Meat dishes up straight talk on the facts about a meat-centered diet. You’ll find valuable information on the key issues, and get answers to your questions about the practical and social aspects of being a vegetarian. Going vegetarian is not only a smart choice, but also a delicious one that’s easy to do.”

“Being vegetarian is cool, and the momentum is growing. Here is everything you need to know to jump on board and be part of the move toward a more compassionate, sustainable way of eating that feeds the body while nourishing the soul.”

About the Authors:

Based in Seattle, Amanda and Stewart run one of the largest and most dynamic vegetarian organizations in America, Vegetarians of Washington, and know the deal on everything vegetarian.

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